Artistic Endeavours

‘A self is probably the most impressive work of art we ever produce’ Jerome Bruner

I am working towards an exhibition of my artworks to be held in my barn, probably as part of 'Norfolk Open Studio': in 2022?

Or 2023?

I don't know. But I don't want to display my work before I feel I'm ready. 

I don't want to put myself under pressure to 'produce' (I spent a working lifetime doing that!).

A lot of it uses my accumulated junk and items I've bought from farm auctions.

Some of it has a horticultural theme.

Video is incorporated into some pieces. I might show some photographs.

There are pieces in the garden and in the field.

'The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.' Carl Jung

I'm doing mainly for myself; secondarily for an audience.

Nevertheless, I hope that my audience finds it interesting: yes, I will be looking for a response.