educari was my trading name, and the name of my company when I was working in the area of young people and prevention. My work focused on drug education and prevention and, later, gambling harm prevention.

Our work included educational publications, such as drug education books, websites and electronic resources. 

DfT funds ran out before the completion of a road safety education resource, but we made some movies for this project, designed for children and young people with special educational needs, which are available here, here and here.

We also undertook reviews and evaluations. You can read a press release about our evaluations of educational resources for gambling on the GambleAware website, here


Based in the UK, much of my work was here, but I also worked for international organisations, especially the Council of Europe’s drugs section, the Pompidou Group. I worked as the Adviser to the Young Person’s Jury for the European Drug Prevention Prize. You can see my video for the 2018 Jury here.

I’m keeping the name, educari, and re-purposing the website to cover my interests in my retirement. These include education, gardening and art.

'educari' is a made-up word. I thought it sounded 'latinate' and something to do with 'education'. And it has my initials, 'ri', at the end.

We once made a drug education CD-Rom (remember those?!) called 'Xoteric'. That's almost a real word; 'exoteric' means: 'intended for or likely to be understood by the general public'. 

So 'xoteric' is the opposite of 'esoteric', which means: 'intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest'. 

I aim to make my commuications xoteric



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Some examples of our publications

i2d video trailer(2002)

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